What is faith?

What is faith in the connection of the world today? Few of us understand what faith is. Some people say it is a belief in God, but this is only part of what faith is. Others say that they have faith in the Lord, but when there is something wrong in their lives, faith seems to abandon them. Instead, they began to question whether God existed because he did not stop the bad things that happened to them.

So, faith must be more than an abstract belief because it must be able to bear the storm of life. It must make you steadfast so that any trials and tribulations make your faith unsteady and remain intact. This exceptional quality of faith can only be achieved when the knowledge of God is deep within you. It was not something that could be expected and would only happen with magic.

You see the statement, ‘I believe in God’ raises fundamental questions about the depth of your beliefs and the strength of your faith. Jesus said if your faith is as large as a mustard seed, you can order the mountain to thrown into the sea and it will obey you. But I haven’t seen a lot of headlines recently stating “Humans lift mountains to the Atlantic”! So, do we say Jesus’ words are exaggerated or wrong? No, I don’t think so, we should ask what is missing that bridges the gap between the quality of the faith we have today and the quality of the faith Jesus intended.

This is the secret to achieving a higher spiritual foundation: Your faith must be strengthened and in essence, the spiritual quality of love, humility, gentleness, gentleness, forgiveness, and understanding. Each of them is a spiritual quality, substance, that has the power to bring you from the level of faith you hold now to super-new beliefs at the heart of your existence. You must build all these unique spiritual qualities in your soul to make you complete.

Finally, you will reach a critical spiritual point where you are no longer a child of God, but a son or daughter of God. If you examine these qualities, you will find that each one is creative. They have the power to create and guide to a higher level where faith is as strong as a mustard seed, and miracles are possible through you. You will be a channel for God’s will because you want it. You have to start by checking and challenging what you have said and done every day. You have to ask whether acting spiritually what does God expect or say or do something for selfish reasons? Every time you choose for good, make you a little closer to that perfect faith. You are the master of your destiny because you have free will.

Choose wisely the energy and strength that you allow into your life. Will it is creative, or will you damage you?