What is faith?

The Bible (Hebrews 11: 1) answers this question with the best, “Now faith is a guarantee of what expected, a belief in what not seen.” Wow, is that a statement that is loaded! Faith is a guarantee, promise, guarantee, and certainty of the thought that what you don’t see is! Faith is confidence; the certainty of what is not seen already exists. Faith trusts something that you cannot see as yours; You wait for the manifestation.

One of my favorites from the Bible is in Mark’s Gospel, and it says, “Belief in God. I assure you: If anyone says to this mountain, ‘lifted and thrown into the sea,’ and don’t hesitate to his heart, but believe that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. Therefore, all the things you pray and think about you have received, you will have them. “This is one of the most important verses that you must read at all times about faith.

Faith believes that you have RECEIVED, already, what you asked for. Only when you believe that you will get what you want. Note that there are also problems speaking. You also need to say the things you want. You need to talk about what you want in such a way that you speak as if you already have it!

Faith is an elusive thing and is very difficult to have in a world where everything seems to conflict with it. We tend to believe what we see, hear, feel, touch, and kiss. Our five senses are so strong that they can erase faith very easily. Our environment speaks of our doubts, fears, and distrust and makes us unable to have the things in life that we want. The people and circumstances around us destroy our faith and leave us like a ship without steering; thrown by the wind of life with little or no sense of direction.

What do you want? That is the first thing you should focus on. Never think about what you don’t want in life; pay attention to the things you want. Think about them, write them, dream about them and talk about them as if you already have them and you will have them. Stay away from negative people and news outlets. They will only frustrate your faith.

There are some excellent illustrations of people who have extraordinary faith, but my favorite is Thomas Edison. This is a man who believes that he can use electricity to produce light. His dream is to build the first incandescent light bulb. Here is a man who tried more than 10,000 times to realize his dream. Imagine what people say about him! He might hear all kinds of discouraging things like: It will never work! Or when will you give up on that device? Or you’re crazy because you are wasting time on something that won’t work! No doubt, he heard everything, but that didn’t stop him. Why do you ask? He never gave up because he believed that he already had the answer. His confidence overcame all the doubts and fears that sometimes crossed his mind. He stays focused and on the right track. He thinks it’s impossible not to have what he thinks and believes … and he’s right! Thomas Edison became one of the top inventors of all time because of his belief.

Thomas Edison did something that many people would never do. He takes action every day until he receives what he believes he already has. After more than 10,000 attempts (some would call failure), Thomas Edison received an answer to his challenge when he left one of his naps. If there is something that encourages you to continue to survive, that should be the story of this man!

You can have anything you imagine if you believe! If you believe you can, there is the power to make it happen! What do you want? Have you reached the point that you feel you’ve got it? Do you feel that what you want is yours? If you do that, you will get it! This is the law! Because there is a law of gravity; there is a law of faith. The law of faith works every time without fail.

How does one get such faith? Especially by listening and talking. Watch what you hear. Surround yourself by speaking positively and speaking positively to yourself. Ask yourself the right questions, and the answers you are looking for will come. Talk about what you want. Surround yourself with C.D, videos, and the people who support you in your search. In the end, you will build faith in such a way that, even though you don’t have what you want, you feel as if you already have it … and guess what? You will have that thing! Stay away from negative people who don’t give your trust. Don’t pay attention to them. Most people are only jealous and will hold you back if you are not careful. They will tell you that your dream is crazy and it won’t work. They will ask you to play safe and not take risks. They will ask you to calm down and think about how stupid your dreams are. I tell you now; don’t pay attention to those thoughts!

What I write is definitely like the sun rising in the east and sinking in the west. You can have what you want if you master your mind, focus on what you want, talk about what you want, and let faith dominate you and bring you the same thing!

There is a woman in the Bible who suffered bleeding for more than 38 years. He spent all his livelihood seeking medical help but to no avail. He heard about Jesus and all the healing he did. The trial caused faith to rise in his heart. He finally looked for Jesus but could not get him because of many people. So he thought to himself, “If I can only touch the edges of his clothes, I will recover.” He took action, and with faith, he crawled to Him through the crowd and touched the hem of His robe and immediately healed! Although many surround Jesus and touch him, only one truly has faith, and because of his faith, Jesus feels the power coming out of Him from a touch of his faith. When Jesus understood this, he said, “Who touched me?” His students said that everyone touched him, but he knew there was someone who touched him with faith. Finally, the woman got up and admitted that it was her. Do you know what Jesus said to him? “Your faith has healed you!” Who heals who? To the woman, Jesus healed her; but for God, the woman’s faith healed her.