Every game in life has rules. In football, you cannot use your hands. You cannot peak in the hands of your opponents in poker. You can’t look in the dictionary when playing Scrabble. Each of these rules is considered to placed on a rock, but every practice has conditions where it can violate.

Dating games are almost the same. There are rules set to attract the attention of the person you dream of, and what you should do after you have it. These rules are all clad in iron, but each has a condition where it can break. The poor guy who isn’t used to the law of attraction; violation of these rules brings the consequences of shame and loneliness. Not all of these rules written in the resources available to the general public; some are general knowledge, and individuals associated with they only know some. Anyone who tries to enter needs to know the rules of the game.

The law of attraction mainly based on the principle of supply and demand. If there are many couples, the law of attraction applies strictly; After all, everyone can be a little pickier when choosing their friends. If there is low supply from partners, demand will be high, and the law of attraction will give a short free time; After all, if the pair cannot find the species will eventually die.

The theory of supply and demand were seen in all walks of life. This is exclusive to everyone. This seen throughout the animal kingdom, the kingdom of insects, birds, bees, and fish. Each species has specific criteria by which to assess its partners, and each rule has exceptions. In the animal world, the problem of lack of partners illustrated by the principle of supply and demand. Fortunately, when humans fill most of the earth’s surface, the criteria for bending the law of attraction are not so strict that they require species elimination.