How did the universe begin?

When I looked at the night sky and saw heavenly bodies, I tried to understand how the universe created was? Scientists have put forward the Big Bang theory, with which the universe began with a massive burst of energy and matter, from tiny volumes with very high densities and temperatures.

Let’s try to define the Universe first. As per the dictionary definition, the Universe is the totality of objects and phenomena known and suspected in all space.

There are several phenomena in nature and the Universe that we can observe, through the sense of sight, taste, touch, hearing, and smell.

The Universe goes far beyond our sense perception. We cannot describe the Universe in terms of time and finite parameters. Therefore I don’t think it ever started with the Big Bang. I believe scientists might have put forward that theory when they observed stars moving at high speed, which might have been the result of explosions years ago.

Also, I don’t think there is anything like space and time in the Universe. Space and time are the products of our sense perception.

I, however, put forward the hypothesis that the entire Universe is full of various levels of energy power that can manifest into forms depending on their intensity and character. The power of energy based on their strength and character reveals itself in some way or another, which can be in the form of small particles or giant stars. I also think that each type of creation based on the level of energy or power, which supports that form of creation.

The best example is life on earth. Life on earth is based on certain energy levels in the universe, which support life. We live from the energy we get from the atmosphere on Earth, which supports our creation. If the energy level changes, we will no longer exist.

Also, in physics and chemistry, we define energy as a quantity that cannot be created or destroyed but can only change from one form to another. I think there are various levels of energy prevailing in the Universe, which take shape or other based on their intensity and character.

The phenomenon of birth and death occurs everywhere in the Universe. Nothing in this world is permanent. Everything that made it subject to destruction. Also, everything in the Universe can change. Nothing static. However, his energy never dies. They continue to change forms based on their intensity.