Day Three of God’s Creation

God’s Word, the Bible, tells us that God gathered all the water under the sky to one place. He then separated the dry land from the sea. The water he called the ocean, and the dry land he called the Earth. (Genesis 1: 9-13) Here again, is the principle of God’s separation and protection.

Example of Daily Creation

Incredibly, God shows examples of His creation every day. What is the standard? Give birth. Childbirth is a perfect example of God’s creation and the principle of separation and protection. Just as water separated from the water on the second day of creation, so also bodily fluids are separated from baby fluids during the baby’s growth in the womb. The fluid sac surrounding the baby separates and protects the baby.

Just as water separated from the Earth, so does a baby, separated from its fluid pouch during childbirth.

Every day, throughout the world, the Lord bears witness to us about His marvelous creation. It is truly amazing to me that God touched every family on Earth with this witness of creation. God showed himself to humanity in many surprising ways if we would only seek Him.

Another example of separation

Also, on the third day, God decided that plants would produce seeds according to their kind. Again the principle of separation of God is clear. Hybrids show the belief that plants reproduce according to their nature. Hybrid plants, (cross-breeding plants), cannot produce printable seeds. That’s why seedless grapes don’t have seeds. That is why hybrid wheat seeds cannot be replanted and grown.

By keeping plants separated according to type, God allows us to recognize edible plants from edible plants, building materials from non-building materials. The principle of separation and protection applies even to plants.

A Universe Ordered

It is truly extraordinary that God provided for humans before he even created. God’s Word is valid today and proven. Nothing is done by chance, everything planned and made in order.
If we look, we can see the glory of God shown around us. God states that “it’s good,” at the end of the third day of creation, and I tend to believe it. God’s creation is truly amazing.