Day Six of God’s Creation

The sixth day of God’s creation begins with the creation of wild animals on earth. (Genesis 1: 24-25) Again God announced that all things would appear in their kind. There is no blurring of lines with God.

The witness of God’s creation is around us; crosses of various types cannot have offspring. The best example of this fact is mules. Mules are crosses between horses and donkeys; they cannot reproduce and give birth to children. God’s Word applies today as usual.

This is the sixth day that God declared that he made man in his image, in his likeness. (Genesis 1: 26-31) On the first day, God revealed the triune nature by identifying himself as “a deep face” (Father), “the Spirit of God,” (the Holy Spirit), and “the face of the waters” (Jesus Christ, Son God). He also created man as a trinity with body, soul, and spirit. Honor can create in the image of God!

God, who created everything in a different order, gave humans domination over everything on earth. He includes fish, poultry, and creatures on earth. Man does not get dominance because of the process of natural selection because he develops a thumb or other ridiculous explanation. God controlled him. A man was created to rule the earth under God’s grace and direction.

God provided everything that humans and animals need to survive before he created humans. He created the earth and the sea, he offered the atmosphere, he provided light and heat, and he provided food for all beings. There is nothing left for chance. The structure and order of the universe prove that the creation of the world is a planned and structured event. A kind Creator provides all things.

The principle of God’s separation and protection is evident everywhere in creation. God even states that nothing can be added to or taken from God’s creation (Ecclesiastes 3:14). It is fascinating to note that science agrees with the Bible. The First Law of Thermodynamics supports the fact that nothing can be added to or taken from creation; energy can shift in chemical processes, but it cannot be made or destroyed.

God’s final statement about His creation is that it is extraordinary, and I fully agree. (Not that God needs my approval.)