Day One of God’s Creation – Part 2

First great separation

The first thing God created was light. (Genesis 1:3-4) Why did God create light? God does not need light so he can see. (Psalm 139:12) He can see everything. Nothing can be hidden from it. The explained is so that we can see God. The light that first created was not physical light; it was the light of salvation. The Lord loves us so deeply that he created our salvation before anything other. (II Corinthians 4:6)

Before Sin enters the world, God has provided us with his remarkable salvation. God separates the light from the dark. This is the first great separation of creation.

  • LIGHT from Darkness
  • The Holiness of Helplessness
  • The truth of Sin
  • Salvation from condemnation

Day and night on the first days of creation is not physical day and night but spiritual day and night. The day expressed in Genesis 1:5 refers to the light of salvation. That is why he called believers in Christ, the children of that day. (I Thessalonians 5:5-9)

God planned the salvation of humanity through Jesus Christ from the beginning, even before the world made. (Ephesians 1:4, I Peter 1:20) God’s priority in all creation is to provide for our salvation. God does not need to guess anything. He knows us even before we know ourselves.

Second large separation

God declares his first two high separations in Genesis verse 5. Separation of light and dark and separation of time. Time is also a created thing.

I repeatedly asked if you believed the Bible literally?

My answer is always yes.

“Then how do you explain the universe was created in seven days twenty-four hours?”

First of all, I believe if God wants to create a universe within seventy-four hours that he can. However, the Bible does not teach that. The days mentioned in the creation are not the time as we know it. Each day of creation consists of a thousand years in our day. (II Peter 3:8, Psalm 90:4)

The word of the Lord teaches us that every day, the creation equals a thousand years of human time. Thus, from the beginning of creation until the seventh Day is seven thousand years.

Creation is not a building as some people expect, but it is God taking of himself through separation and providing for his creations. All things come from God.