Day Four of God’s Creation

Man’s Time

The Bible states that the fourth day of creation is the day God created the sun and moon and stars. (Genesis 1: 14-19) They are placed on the horizon of heaven and given signs, seasons, days, and years. This is the fourth day of creation that God created human time. (Remember that one day the Lord is a thousand human years. (II Peter 3: 8) The Bible also states that God arranges the lamps in the sky to rule day and night.

It is interesting to note that the Bible, from the beginning, stated that the sun and moon and stars would affect human time. Earth’s rotation for days; the position of the earth to the sun for the seasons; Earth’s orbit has been around the sun for years; lunar orbit to give light at night on earth; the moon phase for months; the position of the stars in their season. All of these things started before the human ability to distinguish them scientifically. These things did not happen by accident. It is a program of events created by a loving God.

An allegory

Not only did God through Jesus Christ create the physical universe, but he also, in his great wisdom, used his creation to reveal himself. God uses the sun and moon as allegories for Christ and his followers.

Just as God’s love through Christ (the Light in Genesis 1: 3) shines on the earth, so the real sun shines directly on the surface. It is the Light of Christ that expresses God’s love and concern for humanity. The Light of Christ draws people to God that they, through Christ, can have eternal life.

Just as the earth can block the moonlight, so the light of a Christian can be prevented by things in this world. Christians do not have their intelligence. He must reflect the love of Christ. He cannot do anything without Christ. (John 15: 5) The light of the Christian (his testimony of Christ before men) must always pay homage to the Father in Heaven through Christ. (Matthew 5: 14-16)

Just as moonlight can block the earth, so also the light of Christians can be hindered by things that exist in this world. The deception of wealth, the pride of life, the desires of the eyes, and the desires of the flesh can all cause Christian joy, fellowship with God, and people’s testimony to diminish.

The Christian should remember that just as the moon’s position to the sun doesn’t change, so also the Christian’s belief in Christ doesn’t change. Salvation depends on God’s grace through Christ’s sacrifice. Nothing can add, and nothing can take from him. (John 10: 28-29)

God’s creation is truly amazing.