Day Five of God’s Creation

Creation of fish and birds

On the fifth day of creation, God created fish and poultry. He created animals to fill the ocean and fly in the air. (Genesis 1: 20-23) God then told them to be fruitful and multiply in the sea and on earth. God even provides creatures with the means to multiply on the earth.

Here again, God states that all things must reproduce according to their types. God places a separation between each animal species.

When I was writing this article, I thought of an old joke that was popular when I was a child.

Question: What do you get when you cross and elephants with leeches?
Answer: Big sucker!

Some jokes are funny, and some are not so funny, but in reality, if animals can cross species lines, the confusion will be very significant. God, who is the God of Order, has created everything in an orderly manner. He is not a problem writer. The principle of God’s separation and protection even applies to animals.

Separation and Protection

Another interesting fact that is worth noting is that God made the difference between the high horizon called heaven (outer space), which created on the second day of creation and the open heaven horizon (or earth’s atmosphere), which built on the fifth day. Creation day. God separates backgrounds from each other to protect the earth and its creatures. The principle of God’s separation and protection proven in the creation of the earth’s atmosphere.

Remember that the Bible was written thousands of years before man’s ability to make a clear distinction between atmosphere and space. These simple verses show the extraordinary intelligence that worked in the planning, creation, and provision of the universe long before man’s ability to make these differences.

Other Creation Facts in the Bible

Facts about God’s amazing creation seen throughout the Bible. Examples of other creative effects:

The Bible shows the use of subatomic material in creation. (Hebrews 11: 3) The Bible reveals the Jet stream centuries before man’s ability to make such a difference. (Ecclesiastes 1: 6) The list of scientifically observable Bible facts is endless.


God gives us much concrete evidence of its existence and its provision for His creation. The truth of God’s word, the Bible, is evident all around us if we will only seek it wholeheartedly.